Dearest Readers,

Happy Earth Day. I have mixed feelings as I look forward to the planet’s special holiday tomorrow. Happiness on the occasion of anniversaries: Grist (six years), me at Grist (three years), Earth Day (35 years). Sadness, for this column shall be my last edited by my august editor, and we are having an argument. We disagree about the climate-change literacy of Umbra readers, and we must settle things peacefully before she passes me off to another editor. She offered to arm wrestle, but I’m no fool. She’s short but powerful. There’s only one way to settle our dispute: a quiz!

The topic of the quiz is (you will have inferred) Climate Change: What Do Grist Readers Know?

In order to take the quiz you must pledge, on the honor of Momma Earth, not to cheat. This is not an open-book test; it is a pop quiz. You take the quiz, you get your score, we settle our dispute. Sorry, the quiz you are seeking no longer exists. If you’re in a voting mood, suggest a quiz and you might just see it on the site.


[Editor’s Note: Attention all quiz-takers — the results are in! Take a deep breath and see how you did.]