Well, folks, it’s officially summer. I know this because it’s finally — gasp! — sunny here in Seattle. So get out those flip-flops and the sunscreen, settle into that lawnchair or hammock, and hand me a margarita … it’s time for the summer reading list.

Somehow summer seems like the perfect time of year for a good piece of environmental fiction. All those books about “facts” are just a little too heavy for lounging on the beach. With that in mind, here are a few titles that have recently found their way onto the Grist shelves (which, by the way, are now in boxes to be transported to our new office digs — won’t you lend a hand a few bucks to help move us?):

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  • Dirt Cheap by Lyn Miller-Lachmann is a story of “one man’s quest for eco-justice.”
  • Kelpie Wilson’s Primal Tears centers around a young woman who volunteers to be a surrogate mother for an endangered species of chimpanzee (!).
  • The Great Tree of Avalon series takes place in T.A. Barron’s fantasy world of Avalon; the latest in the series is Shadows on the Stars.
  • And finally, one for the kids: Trouble on Tarragon Island, the latest in a series by Nikki Tate, is about a young girl whose grandmother joins a radical group of eco-protestors and even participates in a calendar of semi-nude photos. (Clearly a horror story.)

And if fiction ain’t your thing. How about using all that summer sun to cook up some tasty treats? Check out:

‘Til next time, enjoy your summer reading … and how’s that margarita coming along?

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