Beau Chevassus, a videographer whose website describes his work as “atypical,” “creative,” and “fantastic,” went to Starbucks and ordered the most ridiculous thing he could imagine. You can’t really call this coffee — although it does have a heart-stopping amount of caffeine in it. It’s a vanilla spice venti mocha frappuccino with 48 shots of espresso, two bananas, strawberries, vanilla, soy, matcha powder, protein powder, caramel drizzle, frappuccino chips, dark chocolate curls, and whipped cream.

The total price for this concoction was $47.30 (plus the price of the donuts Beau brought to Starbucks to ingratiate himself with the staff). What really jacked up the cost was the espresso, which totaled $36.00. Oh, plus the cost of the ambulance to take you away after you drink this thing and DIE.

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