Okay, I cannot say this enough: DO NOT ATTEMPT ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO.

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[vimeo 43954522]

As long as you’re in the safety of your home, though, Lucas Brunelle’s film Line of Sight looks like an amazing white-knuckler about underground bike messenger races, which apparently routinely scare the shit out of motorists and pedestrians in cities around the world. Brunelle followed the racers with a helmet-mounted camera, so it’s all shot in heart-in-mouth point-of-view vision. And it’s GOT to be the only bike documentary to feature guns, quicksand, underwater stunts, the Great Wall of China, and more near-collisions and semi-doorings than you can shake a broken-off handlebar at.

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You can buy a DVD at Brunelle’s site, but only if you promise not to try this shit at home. (Especially the getting shot at! And the Great Wall of China! I don’t know how you’d even do that.)