Who’s got billions of dollars and isn’t going to wait for the GOP to arrive in the 21st century before they drop a significant portion of it on preparing for our climate-changed future? These guys, according to Marc Gunther at GreenBiz:

  • Entergy, a gulf coast utility company with $11 billion a year in revenue

[Entergy] commissioned a Gulf Coast Adaptation Study that has opened up conversations with customers and elected officials about preparing for a warming climate. […] The company has looked at “hardening” key assets including power plants, substations and transmission lines.

  • Pioneer, a division of Dupont focused on agriculture

Pioneer is testing drought-resistant corn and other crops in desert-like test fields in California and Chile, he said, in part because farmers who now irrigate their fields are already telling Pioneer that they expect limits on the availability of water.

  • Every insurer on the Gulf Coast, who now refuse to insure homeowners in the path of storms

Citizens Insurance of Florida, a non-profit, state-run company which takes on property owners who can’t get private coverage, has become Florida’s biggest insurer.

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Even the oil and gas industry is getting in on climate preparedness. (Oh, the irony.) For the full account, check out Gunther’s piece.

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