The actual leaking roof in question! It is leaking. Trust.

If you hate the Barclays Center project in Brooklyn — and if you don’t, well, you’re probably an asshole — you will take as much delight as we did in discovering that the building’s construction may be as hideous as its appearance. At today’s onsite press conference held by community activists protesting the arena’s opening, the roof on the structure’s rain shelter began to leak. We’re filing this under H, for How Fucking Awesome is That.

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So, what else can we tell you about Barclays arena, other than that it’s an eyesore; that all promises made during its construction about union jobs, affordable housing, and public open space were complete bullshit; and that it ruined a perfectly nice neighborhood so that the Nets could have their own special place to totally suck? You can also read this article about how this bizarre, end-of-world partnership between developer Bruce Ratner, rapper Jay-Z, and various government entities is  pretty much the end of New York City’s formerly coolest borough. In the meantime, it’s no longer raining, but when it starts again, we’d like to see Beyoncé and supporter Mayor Bloomberg up there stuffing the holes with chewing gum.

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