Perhaps to make up for the bad rap he gave to woods, owls, sycamore trees, and the little pine weasel in Twin Peaks, David Lynch apparently also directed a 1991 PSA about littering. It’s almost exactly what you would expect from a David Lynch PSA about littering — there’s even weird jerky dancing AND coffee! — except there should probably be scarier lighting and at least one torch song.

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As far as I can tell, the idea here is that if you throw paper on the ground, rats (possibly giant rats? Oh, that trademark Lynchian ambiguity!) will … eat it? Read it? Write a Shelley poem on it and distribute it to high school girls? I don’t know what rats want with paper. I do know that it’s incredibly quaint to see environmental PSAs whose main concern is trash on the ground — not to mention ads that end with phone numbers instead of websites.

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