Donald Trump, who is an obnoxious idiot, is building a golf course in the South Bronx. And like its owner, the property emits unhealthy levels of gas.

From the Daily News:

High levels of explosive methane gas have been discovered next to Bronx homes that abut a dump the city is turning into a golf course for Donald Trump, a Daily News investigation has found.

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As construction of the $97 million links has accelerated this year, methane in quantities the state considers potentially volatile has been repeatedly detected in test wells just yards away from homes. …

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“That concerns me. What are we breathing?” asked Stephanie Machuca, whose Balcolm Ave. condo sits about 25 feet from a green-capped well that registered excessive amounts of methane in May.

The Trump golf course is now under construction on top of a dump that was closed in 1963.

People. There are too many jokes to be made. Trump builds crap out of garbage! Trump land is flatulent! Trump poisons low-income community! (Well, that’s less a joke and more a prophecy.) Hot air! My brain is melting.

Landfills produce methane. This is not a surprise. The question is primarily about the effect of methane seepage on the nearby housing, some of which is public. Methane emissions from the landfill have increased since construction began, though the construction of the course isn’t necessarily the cause. In the interest of public safety, the city is monitoring the area to ensure methane levels don’t exceed the disconcertingly named “lower explosive level.”

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This is not Trump’s first golf course/environment conflict. One of his courses in Scotland is near proposed wind turbines, which Donald Trump thinks would ruin the aesthetics of his course (as I’ve mentioned before). He is apparently indifferent to the deeply tacky buildings that bear his name in New York City.

Anyway, the point is that golf courses — which are always terrible uses of land and almost always riddled with pollutants and almost always huge wastes of water — belong nowhere on God’s green Earth, much less on top of old, poorly vented landfills. And the other point is that everything associated with Donald Trump is terrible and bad for America.