Not so long ago, New York City was a backwater, and London was The City of the English-speaking world. But now New York has, among other attractions, the High Line, and it’s inspired other cities — including London — to work on getting their own repurposed industrial spaces turned into parks.

So London held a “Green Infrastructure Ideas Competition,” and it yielded a winner that takes old mail-delivery tunnels and turns them into public tunnels full of mushrooms.

Fletcher Priest’s Pop Down mushroom farm could provide a break from hot summer heat while producing something edible. But visitors to the tunnel wouldn’t need a flash light: it would be lit by fiber-optics inside the mail rail in addition to sunlight, which would filter down through sculptural glass mushrooms placed at street level.

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Whatever, New York totally came up with this idea first! We started thinking about the fiber-optic-lit Low Line like a year ago. Not that everyone can’t have a Low Line, but … just saying.

Also, we’re going to have a bigger ferris wheel. Put that in your Olympics and smoke it.

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