A while back I noted Fast Company‘s big expose on green guru William McDonough. Despite the hype and promise around McDonough’s intellectual work, it hasn’t done much to change the business world, for reasons having to do with what his critics characterize as ineptitude and vanity. Specifically, his cradle-to-cradle certification process has remained jealously guarded, run only through his firm, woefully behind on assessing products and responding to requests.

Now author Danielle Sacks has a short follow-up, about a Dutch attorney and several Dutch gov’t organizations pleading with McDonough to open up the C2C process, if not completely open source then at least to public-private partnerships.

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It’s odd. The notion of keeping this stuff jealously guarded, proprietary, and for-profit seems so counter to the spirit of McDonough’s work. I can’t make sense of it.

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