Toyota Prius tops EPA’s list of most fuel-efficient cars for 2007

Yesterday, the U.S. EPA released its 2007 ranking of the most fuel-efficient vehicles, with gas-electric hybrids sweeping the top four spots. The Toyota Prius, ranked No. 1, gets 60 miles per gallon in the city and 51 mpg on the highway, according to the EPA. (Data from real-world drivers puts Prius gas mileage at an average of 47.2 mpg, but that still beats the competition.) Toyota and Honda vehicles took seven of the top 10 spots, although hybrid versions of Ford’s Escape and Mercury Mariner also made it into the top 10. The least fuel-efficient car was the Lamborghini SpA L-147/148 Murcielago with automatic transmission, which gets 9 mpg in the city and 14 mpg on the highway. The ranking didn’t include ginormous trucks or SUVs such as the Hummer H2, which, weighing over 8,500 pounds, are exempt from fuel-economy rules — but not from ridicule.