Christina Lampe-ÖnnerudChristina Lampe-Önnerud
Founder and CEO, Boston-Power

“An innovator is someone who dares looking at problems differently, and maybe even doesn’t acknowledge them as problems, but as opportunities,” says Swedish-born Christina Lampe-Önnerud, CEO of Boston-Power. The problem 44-year-old Lampe-Önnerud has taken on is one of the trickiest out there: how to build energy-dense batteries. She worked on it while earning her doctorate in inorganic chemistry at MIT and parlayed her research into Boston-Power, a company she founded in 2005. In the last six years, with $191 million in funding, her team has redesigned the nuts and bolts of lithium-ion batteries, from the structure of the cells to patterns of energy flow. Their products are used by companies like Hewlett-Packard to power laptops and other electronics. Lampe-Önnerud and her engineers are now working to adapt their technology to large-scale batteries for electric vehicles and grid applications. Outside the office, Lampe-Önnerud sings in the a cappella Stardust Show Chorus and practices with her trumpet-playing husband, Per Önnerud, who is Boston-Power’s CTO.