Global fail: The Kyoto Protocol will expire without a deal to take its place, the top UN climate official said yesterday.

China's own Ministry of Environmental Protection said in a report that the country's not doing so hot on the environmental front. The report ticked off problems like acid rain (half of the China's cities are affected) and declining water quality (one-sixth of its major rivers are severely polluted), which we'd also call a "very grave” situation.

Rock climbers are being hired to scale wind turbines in order to repair, clean and paint them. Now that's an awesome and potentially terrifying green job.

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Flooding in the Missouri River could give endangered species in the area a boost.

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You didn't hear about this volcano eruption because it only grounded flights in Argentina, which is not a status destination apparently. (Oh, you got grounded in Europe? How fancy! No more butter and scones for me, Mater, I’m off to play the grand piano.)

Texas! Can you guys stop suing the federal government? Some of us want our tailpipe emissions regulated!