Yosemite National Park is a great place for appreciating nature, what with the mountains and the wildlife and so forth. But there's one thing spoiling the bucolic beauty for everyone: All those damn trees. They are so in the way! They're like the mist that comes up off Niagara Falls and ruins all your photographs. If only they'd cut them down, so we could get back to looking at nature!

That's what the park's wildlife officials say, anyway. They want to cut down about 1,000 cedars and Ponderosa pines, which have gotten too big for their britches from living in a protected environment and are now getting all up in people's snapshots. (To be fair, before the park was protected land, many of these trees would have been cleared out by fires.) Don't worry, though — officials won't cut down any trees older than 130 years, and they promise to be "ecologically sensitive" about it!

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