Canada is totally over the Kyoto Protocol

O, Canada. What are we going to do with you? Besides invade when oil gets too expensive, we mean. Canuck greenhouse-gas emissions are 35 percent above Kyoto targets, and Environment Minister Rona Ambrose has declared that to meet them, Canada would have to cease using all trains, planes, and automobiles. (Great flick, by the way — thanks for John Candy.) The country’s newly elected Conservative government has already indicated they’re just not that into Kyoto. Next week, Ambrose is due to chair an international meeting on how to strengthen the protocol; yesterday, a network of about 100 environmental and activist groups demanded that she step down as chair, lest she damage international negotiations on a treaty she disdains. The government is said to be working on a made-in-Canada plan to deal with climate change. Hmm, sounds familiar — is the word “voluntary” involved?