Sweden hosts Chinese president, global environment ministers

What we learned today: while researching eco-news from Sweden, you might stumble upon some juicy tidbits. Like the fact that tennis player Björn Borg was severely bitten by a dog this weekend, or that the organizers of a future museum dedicated to ABBA have found a location in Stockholm! But since you are a professional, you will not let such news distract you from your purpose. Which is to report that Chinese President Hu Jintao has just wrapped up a three-day visit to Sweden, during which he affirmed his country’s commitment to battling global warming and supporting sustainable development. Among several pacts signed by the two countries was an agreement to share information on environmental technologies. The same day Jintao departed, 30 environment ministers from around the globe descended for the “Midnight Sun summit,” an informal chat about climate-change strategies. The meeting, expected to address emissions trading, technology, and deforestation, will take place behind closed doors.