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It’s been a bummer couple of weeks when it comes to apocalyptic climate change news. First, the National Climate Assessment came out, letting us know that, hey, climate change got our invitation and may be showing up a little early to the party — in fact, it’s already in the corner eating all the dip, guzzling all the drinks, and trying to light the couch on fire. Then, that darn West Antarctic ice sheet decided it had enough and is in irreversible collapse.

“It is so terrifying,” Stephen Colbert says, “that it left a carbon footprint … in my pants.”

So, what can the carbon-soiled among us do? Colbert’s solution: “Fuck it!” Americans, we can all rest easy and go back to continue being our apathetic, indifferent selves. Let the grandkids fix climate change (as well as Medicare and Social Security). In fact, the “fuck it” solution can work for just about everything. “Are you worried that money in politics is undermining democracy?” Colbert asks. “Just do nothing, and soon there will no democracy left to undermine.”

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I’m going to use the “fuck it” principle for other painful realities I’ve been trying to ignore. Crushing student debt? Fuck it! That should work, right?

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