FOX News evidently agrees with Global Warming Skeptic Trollcat (see above):

Thousands of emails from the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit were hacked recently and dumped on a Russian web server. Fox News and right-wing bloggers believe the illegally obtained emails prove that “global warming is a MYTH.”

Oops, that’s Global Warming Skeptic TrollCat. Here’s the take from FOX (actual screenshot):

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FOXNews: Do E-Mails Reveal Scientist Claims On Climate Change are... BUNK?

Here’s an unscientific sampling of the reasoned analysis from prominent right-wing bloggers:

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  • “If you own any shares in alternative energy companies I should start dumping them NOW,” says the Telegraph’s James Delingpole.
  • Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey claims the emails discuss “repetitive, false data of higher temperatures.”
  • The National Review’s Chris Horner salivates, “The blue-dress moment may have arrived.”
  • “The crimes revealed in the e-mails promise to be “the global warming scandal of the century,” blares Michelle Malkin.
  • The Australia Herald-Sun’s Andrew Bolt claims the emails are “proof of a conspiracy which is one of the largest, most extraordinary and most disgraceful in moderrn [sic] science.”

Evidently due to this email conspiracy, Arctic sea ice is at historically low levels, Australia is on fire, the northern United Kingdom is underwater, and the world’s glaciers are disappearing. Oh yeah, and it’s the hottest decade in history.