Florida utilities commission rejects Everglades-area coal plant

The Florida utilities commission voted unanimously yesterday to reject a proposal for building the nation’s largest coal-burning power plant there. The $5.7 billion project, put forth by Florida Power & Light Co., was booted primarily on economic grounds. But since it would have been located near the Everglades, and was all coaly, opponents rejoiced. “The Public Service Commission today made the right decision for the environment, the right decision for the Everglades, and the right decision for Florida,” said Gov. Charlie Crist (R). Stephen Smith, head of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, said, “It is time that FPL get serious about investing in energy efficiency and clean energy which will not threaten the future health and safety of their customers.” Oh Stephen, you card. FPL protested that pollution controls would have made the facility “one of the cleanest coal plants in the nation.” It has five days to ask the commission to reconsider and 30 days to appeal to the state Supreme Court.