If you needed any proof that global warming is real, just look at what Santa is wearing these days.

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OK, all those Hungarian Santas aren’t really dressed that way because of global warming. They’re dressed that way, or rather undressed that way, because Hungarians have a reputation for being hot and look good without clothes. No — seriously, they are doing their sexy run for charity, a tradition now in its 12th year.

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It’s good they raised a bunch of money to help sick kids, and yes, a lot of them look kinda good without a lot of clothes on, but given the warmer-than-average temperatures we’ve been having around Christmas for the last few years, there’s something about seeing Santa in a bikini that is, in addition to being cute and whimsical, also kind of creepy and sad. Though yes, the temperature that day in Budapest was appropriately frosty for the season. And if you think that means global warming isn’t real, you might need to watch this.