What if people showed the same zeal toward environmentalism as they did sports? That’s the premise of BuzzFeed Yellow’s new video, “If We Cared About The Environment Like We Care About Sports.” The clip imagines greenies going wild over the rejection of a mountaintop removal bill, watercooler banter about a presidential address (“Did you see Obama’s climate speech last night?” “Oh no no no! Don’t spoil it! I had to DVR it.”), and one beer buddy telling another, “John Muir was the best American preservationist of all time. Period.”

Careful observers, take note. During the bit with blowhards debating Gina McCarthy’s power, à la ESPN’s Around the Horn, a ticker appears with faux fantasy stats. Not to toot our own vuvuzela, but we at Grist also dig the idea of fantasy green teams. What can we say: the idea is a winner.