President Obama recently joined Twitter (presumably so that racists can speak to him directly from the comfort of anonymity. Now that’s serving the constituents!) His first significant act as @POTUS was to hold a chat on climate change. This looks like considerably more preparation and manpower than the rest of us devote to tweeting, but it’s nice to see that, in the end, he hunches over the laptop like the rest of us.

He started off with a question we’ve asked over and over again here at Grist:

Then Obama defended his recent decision to allow Shell to drill test wells in the Arctic.

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Over at ThinkProgress, Natasha Geiling has already analyzed this exchange. The TL;DR version: Obama could have taken extreme action to stop Shell (like declaring the whole area a National Marine Sanctuary) but it’s tricky.

After tackling that tough question, Obama took on some softballs.

Why yes, funny you should bring that up, both the Pope and I are pretty progressive on this issue.

Yes, climate change sucks.

And yes, I did sign a big deal with China recently.

He also suggested talking more about climate change in schools:

And then couldn’t resist answering a few basketball tweets:

Hash out the fate of the Earth, and then buckle down to discuss the fate of the Bulls. Ain’t that America?