Climate change deniers for $400: This orange game-show staple recently tainted your harmless sick-day TV-watching by spouting dreck on Twitter. (Who is Pat Sajak? Ding ding ding!)

Making even Conan Alex Trebek look like a bastion of reason, the Wheel of Fortune host tweeted this on Monday:

After a busy day brokering vowels, Sajak likes to kick back and make some 140-character jabs at environmentalists, proving that no, he’s not smarter than a fifth grader:

Thankfully, sometimes we jab back:

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Sajak’s been airing his doubt in 97 percent of scientists since 2007. At two cents, the price is right for his thoughts. (Zing!) Thankfully, as a professional mannequin, he’s not exactly the most respected scientific authority. Can someone change the channel back to Bill Nye?