About 10 years ago, the Ohio State University was not great for your lungs. I am not only referring to the exhortations of fans cheering the football team to intermittent success over the loathsome Michigan Whoevers, but to the on-campus power plant that ran on coal and oil.

WikipediaMcCracken Power Plant.

In 2001, the McCracken Power Plant — located just west of the heart of campus, about two blocks from the main library — switched from natural gas to coal and oil. Natural gas costs were skyrocketing at the time, and the university moved to dirtier fuel sources to save money. In 2007, after years of fighting with the EPA, it switched back.

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But now, at last, the Ohio State University is really starting to get green. (In addition to scarlet and gray.)

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Ohio State University has signed an agreement with a northwestern Ohio wind farm to provide enough energy to meet as much as 25 percent of the Columbus campus’ electrical needs.

The university says the 20-year purchase agreement with Blue Creek Wind Farm in Van Wert and Paulding counties is one of the country’s largest non-utility purchases of wind power. …

The university says the purchase is the equivalent of approximately 25 percent of the entire Columbus campus electricity load.

It is also important to note: Michigan is a terrible university and its football team is terrible and — this is true — it deliberately spills oil on puppies just to waste oil and be mean to puppies.

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Guess where I went to college.