By next week, Tokelau will be the first solar-powered country in the world. 3News, in New Zealand, reports:

Workers from Kiwi company Powersmart Solar are just a week away from converting the atoll Fakaofo from being diesel powered to solar powered.

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“It’s been quite a milestone week for us, we now have all the solar panels erected, 1584 solar modules, all the batteries are in place,” says mechanical engineer Dean Parchomchuk.

Sure, Tokelau is a tiny island nation made up of three atolls and populated by only 1,400 people. It’s about the same as if Sea Bright, N.J., went solar. But Sea Bright, N.J., has not gone solar, whereas Tokelau is on the verge of flipping the switch.

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The country was spending over $800,000 a year on diesel to provide its people with electricity before, so they get extra points for switching to renewables. Plus, they’re the first to pull this off, so suck it. So what if they’re small? Sometimes being small means you reach the finish line first.