If we’re really going to get a significant part of our energy from solar power, we’re going to need to have a LOT of solar panels. Ideally, we’d put solar panels on everything — every roof, every wall, every car. Solar panels on the Capitol. Solar panels on the Moon. So it might be a good idea for them to not be eyesores, huh?

Designer André Broessel’s Beta Torics solar generator blows past that goal. It’s not just non-ugly — it’s genuinely awesome-looking, like something out of a science fiction or fantasy movie. But the crystalline sphere isn’t just for aesthetics; it’s full of water, which super-concentrates the sun’s light onto a solar photovoltaic panel, boosting efficiency by up to 35 percent.

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The idea is that you’d mount the generator in walls or on roofs to boost the production of solar panels or solar thermal systems and make your house look like a goddamn spaceship. Which, as Treehugger points out, raises some construction challenges, since that much water would be really really heavy. But we think the answer is obvious: Giant David Bowie to levitate it.

Problem solved.


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