Know a college student? As this holiday weekend rolls in and many of you might have college kids coming back to your home with huge bags full of dirty laundry, we’ve got something for you.

Know a college student with a dirty room? If you’re nodding your head ‘yes’ right now, send them this link so they can be part of our quest to find the dirtiest room in the nation (or you – the friends or parents – can take a photo and enter them yourself!).

We’re betting the dirtiest room we find, no matter how filthy, is still not as dirty as the coal that powers many of our nation’s campuses.

The owner of the dirtiest room — dorm, fraternity, or apartment — will win a free, green cleaning service from the Sierra Club.

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This is another step in our Too Dirty for College Campaign, which I’ve written about before. We’ve already had folks tell university presidents that it’s time to move beyond coal and power our schools with 100 percent clean-energy solutions.

Now we’re proving that no matter how dirty college gets, it’s not as dirty as coal.

Your room (or your kid’s or friend’s room) might be completely filthy, but it’s still not as bad as toxic pollution, mountaintop removal and global warming. Coal is dirty, dangerous and far too old to be fueling our nation’s college campuses. It poisons people’s water when we drag it out of our mountains, it fills our air with asthma and cancer-causing toxins, and then continues its dirty legacy when the waste is dumped in unlined ponds. We can do better and our schools must lead the way.

So show us that dirty room. To enter, go to this “2dirty4college” photo contest group, and join our online community. You can then upload your image by clicking “Add a photo” on the left-hand side of the page.

Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one.

Again, the owner of the dirtiest room will win a free, green cleaning service from the Sierra Club. So, call that ex-boyfriend, pay a special visit to your friend’s fraternity or call those gals living in the group house next door with the funky smell, and get them to enter today for the glory of being the dirtiest in country. (And a free clean up!)

Help us find the dirtiest room and show that while college can get pretty nasty, coal is still far, far worse.