Emails show that Bush administration micromanaged scientist interviews

Emails obtained through the Freedom of Information Act show that the Bush administration micromanaged media requests for interviews with climate scientists after Hurricane Katrina, aiming to downplay the influence of global warming. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration press officers were required to get clearance from the Dept. of Commerce to discuss global warming and hurricanes with the media. Commerce Deputy Director of Communications Chuck Fuqua happily OK’d interview requests with NOAA hurricane researcher Chris Landsea, who has stated publicly that global warming has little to no effect on hurricanes. In email correspondence, Fuqua writes, “Please make sure Chris is on message” and “I’m a little nervous on this, but trust he’ll hold the course.” But Fuqua declined a request that NOAA researcher Thomas Knutson, who published research indicating that global warming strengthens hurricanes, be on CNBC — when told that Knutson disagreed with Landsea, Fuqua wrote, “Why can’t we have one of the other guys on then?”