LooWatt LooWatt, oh baby, me gotta go
Meet the LooWatt: a waterless eco-commode made from poop that turns your #1 and #2 into CH4. It’s the diaper genie of the sustainability set.


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Hot Dude tofuTofu man, chew
We can’t be sure whether this specialty tofu has anything to do with George Clooney, but you can’t go wrong when your Hot Dude promises to be sweet and tender and he’s got his own theme song.



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Get a blue clue
Fatboy Slim and other Brit celebs you don’t recognize suggest you get blue in the face right here, right now. They also suggest you get your mind out of the gutter.


No shirt, no shoes, no problem?
Imagine wearing one dress for one year no matter where you go — all in the name of sustainability. Or you could just go nude, which sorta looks green if you squint real hard — which is probably a good plan anyway, considering the view.

week of dresses


Spud RaincoatMr. potato fan
Be a spud stud in this raincoat poncho made from tater-based bioplastic. It’s 100 percent biodegradable, compostable, and unattractive. But it’s embedded with seeds that’ll sprout once you’re done with the slicker … or get caught in a rainstorm — whichever comes first.