Build me up, double-D cup
Pamela Anderson sure has grown her assets over the years. She’s transformed from Baywatch babe to eco-entrepreneur — erecting projects in Canada, Abu Dhabi, and now Montenegro. Just one question: will these green buildings have “twin towers”?


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Wal-Mart storeTag, you’re it
Now you can know exactly how guilty to feel when shopping at Wal-Mart — it’ll be right on the label!





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BikerCome here often?
Want to save a buck by biking to a brothel, but sweating the stink factor once you arrive? Jet-pack a Rocket Shower and spray to your heart’s content. Your madam will be over the moon.





That’s a rap
It’s no “Double Panes,” but these yoots from the Big Easy sure can bust an efficient rhyme.


London Bridge vertical farm designMy fair lady
How come every time you come around my London London bridge want to go farm? Oh shit!

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