human countdownClock block.This week saw heated multitudes descend on NYC
Their passions were aflame, though some were acting quite icy.
A human countdown filled the park with cries of Tck, Tck, Tck
And Indy told his corporate pals this problem they could lick.
Obama wowed the world by saying nothing much, and how!
He met his match in vagueness in our old friend Hu Jintao.

Hugh Jackman, Heather Graham, and other pretties lent their heft.
(Without celebs we might be feeling much, much more bereft!)
And then there were the Yes Men, those wry stunters we love most
Who tizzied up the city with that version of the Post.
Now Climate Week is over, but its vibe we must remember
As we plod e’er onward toward That Meeting in December.