Protester.Photo courtesy Infrogmation via FlickrThe Gulf of Mexico oil spill has triggered the usual stages of grief: Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Elaborate costumes. Nudity.

Protesters in New Orleans, New York, Washington, D.C., and other cities have been getting creative — and naked — with their responses to the Gulf spill. Let’s just say a whole lot of chocolate sauce and molasses (oil doppelgangers, natch) have been spilled for the cause. 

In New York and elsewhere, the World Naked Bike Ride — always an anti-oil affair — took on a special Gulf of Mexico flavor this year. Folks in New Orleans held a jazz funeral procession for the Gulf. And as they say in the Big Easy, you celebrate the life that died, rather than mourning the death. Here’s to you, Gulf of Mexico.

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Protesters.Photo courtesy bbcworldservice via Flickr

These “oil demons” marched in the New Orleans parade. They were later soaked up with hair.

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Mermaid.Photo courtesy Infrogmation via FlickrBP gets a thumbs-down from this oily mermaid. If this were a Disney movie, she could just give up her voice to some snarky sea witch, and presto! The leak would finally get its prince plugged.










Protesters covered in oil.Photo courtesy Brennan Cavanaugh via Flickr

Another oily mermaid sighting at a BP station in New York City. Only this one looks like she’s about to go all Brothers Grimm on some oil exec’s ass.

Protester.Photo courtesy Infrogmation via FlickrWho needs brass balls — Obama? The Senate? The EPA? Whatever. We love a good testicle joke.












Protest sign.Photo courtesy New Orleans Lady via Flickr

This New Orleans protester has a suggestion for your next Thanksgiving menu. This version is just as unappetizing as the original turducken — a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey.

Protester.Photo courtesy Public Citizen via FlickrEight environmental groups staged a citizens’ arrest of BP CEO Tony Hayward at the oil company’s U.S. headquarters in Washington, D.C.  Upon being cuffed, Hayward wondered if prison jumpsuits came in Burberry plaid this season.










 Naked bike protesters.Photo courtesy bitchcakesny via Flickr

World Naked Bike Ride Day cyclists in New York stopped at this BP station on Houston Street to raise their bikes in angry protest. And let’s hope that’s all they raised.

Nearly nude protester.Photo courtesy codepinkhq via FlickrWe love you, Code Pink. Next time, how about solar panel pasties? Or maybe little windmills?