Happy 4/20! Sorry to harsh your buzz, but indoor pot growing is a major bad trip for the environment. (All right, no more mixed drug metaphors. Maybe a couple.) Let’s be blunt (okay, one more): If marijuana ever becomes legal in the U.S., we'll have to start thinking about how to keep it from bogarting all our energy. (Done now.)

Fortunately, cheeba lovers of the world are already way out ahead on this one:

1. California's Organicann has started dispensing its medical marijuana in biodegradable packaging

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2. Lighting hipsters know that CFLs are for squares, and were only ever intended to be a bridge solution. If you're serious about your indoor grow rig, it's time you switched to super energy-efficient LEDs.

3. Reuse > Recycling any day of the week. These pot containers are made from repurposed Altoids tins.

4. This house is literally made out of pot. And it’s not just a Cheech and Chong-style stunt: Hemp building advocates say that it provides protection against pests, fire, mildew, and errant CO2, while being less toxic than other, less smokable materials.

5. Weed miles matter just like food miles. So if you live in Texas, for example, it's better to opt for the Mexican stuff than, say, B.C. White.

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Granted, it's not better for the people terrorized by the Sinaloa cartel, but what do you want from us, coverage of human rights issues? We’re sleepy! And hungry!

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