The fact that I watch America’s Next Top Model (it’s fierce, y’all!) is no secret. But it looks like this season all that pointing and laughing and catty-remarking will be work-related. That’s right, even ANTM is going green. (Should we call it ANGM now?)

From Entertainment Weekly:

[T]he fashion color this season is … green! And not just for envy. "The transportation was a “green” car with biodiesel fuel. The house went green not only aesthetically but in terms of the way energy was used and in tips that we gave all of the girls in the house in terms of using water and electricity." Drink it and turn it off, respectively, gals.

The catchphrase for this new cycle is "the future of fashion," so I wonder if they will be relating the green efforts to "the future." I’d also like to see them talk about how the future of fashion will be unconventional fibers like bamboo and seaweed and soy — and not, for example, pesticide-laden cotton. Then again, that might be a little too intellectual of a leap for this show. Prove me wrong, Tyra!

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The new season starts Sept. 19 on the CW. Check out the trailer below:

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