In 2007:

  1. Prius sales will peak and begin a slow decline as consumers anticipate 2008 models from competitors that will have similar or better performance and therefore higher status.
  2. Electric hybrid bikes will become increasingly popular as a commuting tool thanks to improved battery technology.
  3. The SUV fad will continue to fade.
  4. The corn ethanol pyramid scheme will continue to play out based on the canard that the use of environmentally destructive biofuels is a necessary (but in theory, temporary) evil.
  5. Biofuel crops (primarily those used for biodiesel) will accelerate the loss of rainforests and other carbon sinks (and the biodiversity contained within them).
  6. More biofuel will be imported than in any previous year.
  7. More lifeforms will be declared extinct.
  8. The number of hungry people in the world will increase (as it did this year, by 4 million).
  9. Mustaches will return as an attractive and stylish fashion statement.
  10. Grist will kick some serious ass.

Happy New Year.