Famed Canadian eco-hero David Suzuki was handed the reins to guest edit an entire edition of the Toronto Vancouver (!) Sun on Sat. May 5.

“What I would love to do is put a green slant in every area,” he added, explaining he thinks the mainstream media do not do enough to highlight how the environment is connected to all areas of the news.

“You may get [stories] about floods in Bangladesh, drought in Ethiopia and forest fires in northern Alberta, and they are all reported as if they’ve got nothing to do with each other,” he said, adding he would like to start making those connections.

“One of the challenges we face is we are not seeing the world as a single entity and seeing how interconnected things are.”

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Over at Energy Bulletin, Bill Henderson discusses the move and links to a few of the more interesting stories.

I can’t think of an enviro in the U.S. with the same stature as Suzuki, with the possible exception of Al Gore. Can you imagine, say, the L.A. Times letting Gore edit for a day?

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