1. Shop it like it’s hot

    Hotter than we should be? Yup. So’s the earth, apparently. And these tees — signed by celebs and up on the auction block until tomorrow. Going once, going twice, sold to the Grist staffer with the hots for Martin Short.

  2. No-fly zone

    It may be the least carbon-intensive airplane ride ever, but this idea will never get off the ground.

  3. Type dream

    Monday is Blog Action Day, and along with thousands of other blogs, we’re going to do something completely different. Something revolutionary. Something that will save the earth from the imminent climate-change crisis. Get ready, because Grist is going to blog about the environment.

  4. Trick in a box

    Is it a shipping container? Or is it a coffee house? Either way, it really pushes our buttons.

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  5. What a revelation

    Coming soon to a motel bureau near you: the first green Bible. Hallelujah! And speaking of good books, wake up and check out Grist’s own holy tome, in (virtual) stores now.

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