1. Air of mystery

    Hmm, should we buy the ridiculously expensive “green” MacBook Air, or the ridiculously expensive “green” Air Jordans? What do they think we are, Million Airs?

    Photo: Apple.com

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  2. Under where?

    When it comes to what we wear under there, we prefer eco-lingerie … though, truthfully, we’re most happy when we’re wearing nothing at all.

    Photo: GreenKnickers.org

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  3. And we thought Tata was bad

    We get it, cars: you’re green. Flextreme: green. Provoq: green. EcoBoost: green. Now stop with the idiotic names already.

    Photo: gmeurope

  4. Have you had your deforestation today?

    Well, you know what they say about big napkins: big buns.

    Photo: DBB

  5. The Fleiss is right

    Longing for a roll in the organic hay? Find an eco-mate online — or, for the purist, there’s always Heidi Fleiss’ wind-powered Stud Farm. Come inside, ladies, for “a manicure, a pedicure, and a shag.”

    Photo: iStockphoto