1. Seeing Redford

    The Sundance Kid bares all in Playboy this month (hello, Mr. October!), revealing the naked truth about his dirty fetish: racing fast cars, like his low-mpg Porsche. But you knew that already, right? Because you totally read Playboy for the articles.

  2. Sims U Been Gone

    More proof of the far-reaching effects of global warming: it’s now destroying virtual worlds. Aw, poor pretend polar bears.

  3. The lawnmower fan

    Yeah, summer’s officially over. But you best believe we’ll be out at the first sign of spring sportin’ an eco-lawnmower bike and wearing nothin’ but these birdseed shoes.

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    Photo: DesignKlicks

  4. Beam it down, Scotty

    If space is the final frontier, solar power is hittin’ the covered-wagon trail.

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    Image: NASA

  5. 99 bottles of beer on your face

    News about climate-related pilsner price hikes got you down? Put on these recycled-bottle beer goggles and the world will look a little rosier. Also, your coworkers will look hotter. We’re not responsible for what happens next.

    Photo: urbanspectacles.com