1. “Hot blogger” no longer oxymoron

    If actress/model/mega-fox Amber Valletta tells us to raise the alarm about mercury in seafood, we’ll raise the alarm. Of course, if Amber Valletta told us to hop on one foot and bark like a poodle, we’d do that too. That’s the kind of dignity we have here at Grist List.

    Photo: Oceana.

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  2. Take a powder

    Speaking of beauty: don’t let it kill you. And we’re not just talking Botox. A database run by the Environmental Working Group contains disturbing information on the toxic juju found in a whole wide range of your favorite cosmetics. Ew.

  3. Bette noir

    What do eco-group New York Restoration Project, “Hulaween,” Bette Midler’s birthday, and celebrity auctions have in common? Like Bette’s fans, we can’t keep it straight. Something about a party. We just want that signed copy of Good Will Hunting from Matt Damon. Or, fine, the Prius from Sarah Jessica Parker.

  4. As the world burns

    Like sands through the hourglass, international eco-group Rare has recruited the cast of As the World Turns to teach its voice actors — they do radio soap operas with environmental themes (wha?) — the ins and outs of steamy melodrama. Turns out the oil baron is actually the transsexual daughter of his tree-hugging lover …

  5. Pass the popcorn

    After five years of brutalization at the hands of an ulcer-inducingly eco-unfriendly governing cabal, greens can now sit back and enjoy as the players fry: DeLay (who infamously labeled the EPA “the gestapo of government”), Cheney (remember that energy task force?), maybe even — be still our beating hearts — Pombo (think species act, offshore drilling, Arctic Refuge …). Sweet, sweet schadenfreude.

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