1. Tee party

    Check out these biker-chic tops made from bamboo and printed with PVC-free ink. Perfect for the beach. Or climbing trees with your twin. Or humping posts. Or awkwardly leaping. So basically, what we do every day.

    Photo: Chopper Couture

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  2. Déjà poo

    Things to look forward to: cavorting on cow crap and expounding on elephant excrement. Really — what can’t poo do?

    Photo: iStockphoto

  3. Whee!

    Is that a solar-powered Wii? Oui! Who’s into it? We! And these wee cell-phone lederhosen are green — but they don’t look WEEE-cyclable. Wienerschnitzel!

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    Photo: TwitchGuru.com

  4. Plane, plane, go away

    Want to minimize your contribution to global warming but despair of getting anywhere without a plane? The well-traveled Man in Seat 61 tracks info on flightless travel all over the world, so you can choo-choose to train, bus, or ferry your way from point A to point B.

    Photo: iStockphoto

  5. Without a trout

    Could our dear Watson be ditching Harry Potter for trout? That rumor sure sounds fishy. But have you heard the one about a large-scale printing of Book 7 on FSC-certified paper? It’s true, to the tuna of 12 million copies! But will Harry be sent to sleep with the fishes?

    Photo: Jon Furniss / WireImage.com

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