1. June is bustin’ out all over

    A 2007 calendar benefiting the Climate Protection Campaign will feature green models ranging from energy pushers and business owners to city councilchicks and hard-core … cyclists. Their theme? “Ecobabes … because beauty inspires life” — and because sex (no matter how green) sells.

    Photo: Ecobabes.org

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  2. Chinese chop tix

    Censorship, forced relocation, and a boatload of eco-damage: what’s not to love? Judges at the Venice Film Festival gave Still Life, a film about China’s Three Gorges Dam, top honors. But it ain’t likely to be seen in its home country — at least while Hu’s the boss.

    Photo: Mike McKrill

  3. Old sexy dog, new trick

    Hungry for something tender, delicious, and smothered in sauce? We give you Paul Newman. Er … his brand-new restaurant, that is. The Dressing Room hosts a weekly farmers’ market and serves food grown in its Westport, Conn., ‘hood. Says sustaina-chef Michel Nischan, “Paul’s karma is unreal.” Mmm, karma.

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    Photo: James Devaney / WireImage.com

  4. What’s $328 between friends?

    We thought it was just a bit of Williams-Sonoma frippery, but it turns out ecopod is much more: the company brings the “sweet sound of compaction” to Jack Johnson’s tour, offers eco-enlightenment to schoolkids, and even wants to give you a discount. Recyclers, start your engines of change.

    Photo: ecopod

  5. Rockin’ chair

    Tire-d of your dowdy hand-me-down sofa and freecycled finds? These recycled-bike furnishings are the wheel deal. Made from rims, handlebars, and frames, they’ll hip up any home. And P.S., they’re way more comfortable than your traditional bike seat. We’ll take one in red, thanks.

    Photo: Bikefurniture.com

  6. Give riches or die tryin’

    When he’s not in da club, 50 Cent is busy dodging bullets showing thug love for urban green spaces and other worthy causes. And word on the street is Grist’s own Chuck Gilla’ got a chance to say what up to the gangsta at a recent photo shoot.

    Photo: Eamonn McCormack/WireImage