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  • Solar gets cheap fast

    Cross-posted from Climate Progress. There’s a joke in the solar industry about when “grid parity” — the time when solar becomes as cheap as fossil sources — will happen. Ron Kenedi, the former VP in Sharp Solar’s U.S. business liked to throw out random dates, telling me once “November 21, 2012” in jest. The truth […]

  • Blair Mountain: A new milestone in the climate justice movement?

    Those making the March on Blair Mountain are part of a long history of activism.Photo: Cheshire Tongkat/March on Blair MountainTim DeChristopher is a climate activist and cofounder of Peaceful Uprising. He has been beatified as a saint in the Church of Earthalujah by the Reverend Billy and convicted as a felon by the United States […]

  • A three-step plan to solve the fossil fuel crisis

    (from Fake Science) Brilliant in its simplicity. Even better: Since we may be approaching the carbon levels that killed the dinosaurs in the first place, we could just let the fossil fuels we burn kill the cloned dinos all by themselves.

  • Germany can phase out nuclear by 2017

    The conservative German government has issued a 14-page document [PDF] outlining how Germany can close all of its nuclear reactors by 2017 — sooner than the government’s official proposal of 2022 — and still keep the lights on. The report, and the timing of its release, indicates the intense political debate within and without the […]

  • Fukushima radiation was double previous estimates

    Japanese officials have admitted that the meltdown at Fukushima released almost twice as much radiation as they had initially allowed. ("Did we say 370,000 terabecquerels? Oops, that should have been 770,000.") They also said that the meltdown at the plant began five hours after the quake/tsunami double-punch. The plant's operator had said earlier the meltdown […]

  • Natural gas ‘golden age’ requires government regulation

    Natural gas will provide 25 percent of global energy by 2035, up from 21 percent now, according to a report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), a Paris-based organization that studies and advises on energy issues. The IEA's report asks if the world is entering a "golden age" of natural gas and answers, more or […]

  • Why power plant operators should be forced to eat the fish they kill

    Recently the Sierra Club put out an animated short explaining that every year 2.1 billion pounds of fish, crab, and shrimp are killed shredded by power plants that suck up billions of gallons of water from rivers and lakes and don't even re-use it. The following clip nicely summarizes the situation: Here's the thing: it's […]

  • Nuclear power is expensive and uninsurable

    The world’s beleaguered nuclear industry continues to take a battering. The “nuclear renaissance” juggernaut that once seemed unstoppable now appears dead in its tracks. The cabinet of Germany’s conservative government on Monday voted to take the country out of nuclear permanently by 2022. Not to be outdone on the right, the country’s opposition parties say […]

  • Want more cash in your pocket? Live in a neighborhood with good transportation options

    A report released Thursday by the House Democratic Livable Communities Task Force recognized that families living in auto-dependent neighborhoods spend significantly more money on transportation, with fewer dollars available for health care, food, and other family expenses. In response, the two dozen representatives proposed a “Freedom from Oil” [PDF] agenda that would reduce oil use […]

  • Watch Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., talk mountaintop-removal mining on Colbert

    Activist and all-around handsome dude Robert F. Kennedy talked mountaintop-removal mining and The Last Mountain with Stephen Colbert Wednesday night, and taught Stephen about why mountains are not actually renewable resources.