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Veggie deliverySmiling vegans Dan and Jennifer from the Humane Society delivered my lunch. Thanks, guys.The other day I complained that it’s difficult to find quick, easy vegetarian lunches. In particular, I cast aspersions on vegetarian sandwiches.

After seeing my first post, some very nice people from the Humane Society wrote and offered to buy me a delicious vegetarian lunch. My general policy is to eat lunch when it’s offered, so I took them up on it.

Dan and Jennifer delivered lunch from Sage, a vegetarian cafe in Seattle’s Capitol Hill. (With a side of good company.)

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Veggie ReubenThis vegan Reuben was tasty. I just needed two of them.David RobertsI chose the vegan Reuben: “Grilled tofustrami on rye bread with caramelized purple onions, tomatoes, grilled sauerkraut, vegan cheese, and Russian dressing.” I’m a great lover of Reubens and I must say it was scrumptious (it’s hard to go wrong with grilled sauerkraut). I also tried the vegan mac-and-“cheese,” which was surprisingly good.

Dessert was a cupcake, which was another matter. I love the vegans of the world, but it’s time to end the pretense that vegan cupcakes compete with the real thing. Frosting without butter is not frosting, it’s … something else.

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Overall, though, the food was delicious! And so gracious — thanks to the Humane Society. (Everyone go adopt a rescued animal.)

Just two caveats. First, great vegetarian restaurants are the exception, not the rule, even in Seattle and far more so in most of the country. Delicious “tofustrami” and sauerkraut aren’t available for everyone. I suppose this is a demand problem, though — if there were more vegetarians, there’d be more vegetarian restaurants.

Second, I still wasn’t full (my previously mentioned problem with veggie food). I could have eaten another Reuben, easy. Tomorrow I’m going to try falafel. That’ll fill anybody up, right?

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