It's not just hippie paranoia that should keep pregnant women from eating too much BPA-laced canned food. A new study found that 3-year-old girls were more likely to show symptoms of depression and anxiety if their mothers had tested higher for BPA levels during pregnancy. (There didn’t seem to be a correlation for boys.)

The symptoms are still within the normal range, but as one researcher says, "subtle shifts" can have "very dramatic implications" for these girls’ lives. In other words, your daughters won't be totally crazy but they might be worse off than they'd be otherwise.

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Naysayers say that higher BPA levels could just correlate with the mothers' eating habits, which weren't documented. Higher BPA could mean more canned food, which could mean fewer nutrients. But the conclusion remains the same: If you're pregnant, you should basically only eat raw organic kale. Or anyway, being conscious of what you’re eating can do your kids a favor down the line.

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