More types of CSAs, more often

CSA box. A November CSA box from New York. Photo: Steven SeveringhausCommunity Supported Agriculture (CSA) has come a long way in the last decade. Not only has this once-foreign concept of buying directly from farmers and ranchers by way of regular drop-offs and pick-ups become a household term, but it can now be applied in more contexts. 2011 has seen produce CSAs in cold places expand their growing cycle thanks to simple technology like hoop houses and greenhouses. And there are now more and more things you can get direct from producers. In the Bay Area, where I live, we’ve had several awesome meat and egg CSAs for a while — but 2011 brought with it two new sustainable seafood “boxes.” One is just for Google employees (not a tiny group, mind you) and another is open to the public.

Soon, there may be nothing you won’t be able to buy directly from farmers. There’s now a coffee CSA, for instance. And, as demand for local and organic grains has increased, so have grain-focused CSAs. Although there aren’t many, the grain CSAs that do exist are very popular (i.e. many have long waiting lists). This one in Canada caught my eye recently because they transport all their grains by sailboat.