Starbucks has come out with some super fancy new coffee that costs $7. Supposedly it tastes really awesome. (At that price it better taste like God’s balls.) Comedian Jimmy Kimmel was skeptical that it was really all that, and he held a taste test to see if people could tell the fancy shit from the plain old stuff. Well of course being a sneaky bastard he decided to not even use the fancy coffee in his test and gave samplers two of the same thing — the regular Starbucks coffee that tiresome bores complain is awful but is really just fine and, truly, if you’ve ever driven across Kansas, pretty wonderful. Anyway, here is a video of them convincing themselves that a) they are actually drinking two distinct beverages and b) they actually have superior discriminating taste.

Words like “richer” and “smoother” are used. Humiliation occurs. Just goes to show you that the power of suggestion is strong. And that the guy who says, “It all tastes the same,” is possibly America’s only living genius.

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