Take a journey to Memphis’ growing food scene. In the second episode of The Victory Garden’s Edible Feast, you will:

  • Meet the awesome head gardener of a community-focused urban farm. “This has changed me. I was sort of like a mean old dog that’s been penned in the pen and every time somebody walked near it I barked,” says Walter Gates. “Some of the relationships I’ve developed out here have gotten that old person out of me.”
  • Explore the gardens of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where young cancer patients are served a different kind of hospital food. The chef there wants to promote healing with locally grown produce and meat. “I wouldn’t be any good opening a can of green beans or thawing things,” says culinary director Miles McMath.
  • Learn how to plant a burlap sack garden and save seeds.
  • Cook up a tasty succotash with catfish, okra, and corn.

Great stuff. Watch Victory Garden’s last episode, on Minnesota, here, and check your local listings for more episodes.