You’re probably already elbows-deep in whisking your world- (or, at least, extended family-) wide famous mashed potatoes, but if you wouldn’t mind pausing (really, COOL IT with the taters), we have some Earth-friendly Thanksgiving recipes, ideas, and tips for you. That way, when the last bite of bourbon pecan pie has been swallowed, you and all your relatives can pass out on the couch to sleep the beautiful overstuffed sleep of the just (and thankful).

We know, we know. The T-bird is one of the more stressful aspects of holiday meals. And you probably already have your bird all picked out and prepped. Bookmark these resources (including cooking tips) to make your next festive meal a guilt-free Thanksgiving:

So you’re thinking of mixing things up?

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Vegetarian friends, lest you think we have forgotten you, here’s a list of countless (OK, we counted, there are approximately 30) meat-free options that’ll make all your meat-eating friends jealous:

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And finally, when you’ve been stuffed to completion with humanely raised turkey, pie, blessed Tofurky, and more pie, here’s how to take the next delicious and healthy steps:

Just a few ideas to get you going planning an evnironmentally friendly, guilt-free Thanksgiving!