It’s just bread!

If you read our story about the London butcher selling cuts of faux human meat, and your first thought was “that’s nice, but as soon as I put it in a sandwich, it won’t look horrifying anymore, so what’s the point,” well … do we have a baker for YOU. Thai artist Kittiwat Unarrom makes fake human-meat bread, so your entire panini can look like it came out of a Cronenberg film.

Unarrom, who sells his creations at his family’s bakery (not clear how his family feels about this), isn’t making the stuff of nightmarewiches just for the heck of it. He’s got a deeper purpose, as he told CNN: “I want to speak out about my religious beliefs and dough can say it all. Baking human parts can show the audience how transient bread, and life, is.”

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I’m not sure I’m totally buying what he’s selling, in a metaphorical sense, and I am sure as shit not buying what he’s selling in a literal sense. But I do think that when it’s plotting its next gross ad campaign, PETA might do well to send a representative to Thailand.

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